Monday, September 1, 2014

Zoo day.

I apologize for the picture overload in advance.  Just deal with it :)
This is a mix of iPhone and the Markii...hopefully you can tell the difference.

So in early August we decided we needed to get away, but we just haven't had the time to go far.
We decided to head to Indy for the zoo and state fair.

These pictures are all from the zoo, which was nice and clean...but I was surprised by how tiny it is.

They  just *love* when I make them do this :)
zoo blog

First up, the oceans exhibit.

Dmitry has always loved penguins.
{..and lemurs, but only because once when him and Joshua were little they saw a Lemur climb on a rock just so he could pee on the other Lemur.  Boys. They were only 4 and 5 but I bet now at 16 and 17 they'd still like it.}


Penguins are pretty cool.
zoo blog 2 2

It took forever for her to finally touch one of the sharks.


Actually, it required a second trip back to the exhibit before we left for the day.
But she finally did.


We all touched the shark, even Dmitry who is a bit of a germaphobe. 
zoo 2 blog

It was a 'yes' day, which means we said yes to just about everything...
Even face painting.
zoo 3 blog

Cutest puppy ever.
zoo 5 blog

And the cutest photobombing big brother.
zoo 4 blog


Baby always gets excited when they have Bears.  She starts yelling "Dmitry!!  Look it's BEAR!"
He's a pretty good sport about it.  Sometimes we even do a little bit of Bear voice, while strangers look at us like we are idiots.  But that's okay, strangers look at us like that alot anyway. ;)

zoo 10 blog

zoo 6 blog

My favorite picture from the day :)  photobombed by a giraffe.
For the record, we do those family selfies a lot.
 I'm going to do a wall collage of the family selfies and our goofy family pictures.

zoo 7 blog

Pretty birds.
zoo 8 blog

He wouldn't come in at first...because he is also scared of poop.
I'm kind of serious about that.

zoo 9 blog

He did finally come in though...but did not trust the birds.
He was sure they were going to poop on us. I'm in a lot of these pictures.  Sorry.
I've been to a lot of funerals in the past month.  Six people passed away, of them only one was eldery.  The others were young and one was a year older than I am.  The lady who was elderly *lived* and had the pictures to prove it.  She didn't care about wrinkles an weight.  She cared about family.  She left such a gift to her family in being in so many pictures with them.  So even though I've put on 40 pounds since Papa Joe passed, and my looks are just not what they used to be...I'm trying.
So here is pictures with my people :)




This one is a mini date as we watch the kids get soaked in the dolphin show.
We wouldn't sit with them in the wet area {I had my camera}
But man oh man did we enjoy watching them get soaked!


zoo 11 blog

This was Baby before the show....


And this was Baby after the show.


It was hysterical.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A super Doodle birthday.

A few weeks ago we were planning to out of town, when suddenly Baby told us we could *not* leave the day we had planned on...because that was Buddy's birthday!

So to make a small girl happy we postponed our get a way by one day.

August 5th maybe a normal day in your world but in our family it is a holiday.

Happy 1st Birthday Buddy Budster!
Aka: Budrow Wilson

buddy blog

So yeah, I made a birthday cake for a dog.  

buddy 4 blog

The week before Buddy's birthday Monkey Baby came with me on a family session that ended with a cake smash.  Baby and I came up with the brilliant idea of letting Buddy have his own cake smash.

Before you think I'm the only nut...the daddy man was totally on board.
 buddy 3 blog
He recorded the whole thing.
I really think he loves Buddy more than he loves us.

He looks like he is smiling doesn't he?
I think he was :)
buddy 2 blog

buddy 5 blog

buddy 6 blog

buddy 7blog

buddy 8 blog

After he got through the frosting, Baby started hand feeding him the cake.

buddy 11 blog

We love our Buddy Budster.
Well, three of us love him, one kind of likes him/tolerates him.
I'm sure you can tell by his totally fake happy expression below.
But Buddy loves all four of us :)
 By the way check out the totally non-fake happy expression on my monkey.
Baking cakes and making a big fuss out of a dog birthday...was totally worth it for that smile :)

Buddys family blog

Happy Birthday to our favorite Super Doodle!
Most of us love you ;)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Painting with ZaZa

All summer long Monkey and I wanted to paint together.
But every single time something would pop up at the last minute and I'd have to bail.
It's kind of a problem in our family right now.  Monkey gets a raw deal a lot of the time.
 It's honestly an issue right now...and it needs fixed. 

On this day I promised no matter what, we'd have our painting date.

So we did :)

paint 3 blog

She said she needed to look "Artsy" so we each wore a big headscarf.
She was much cuter than I was :)

paint 9 blog

paint 8 blog

paint 2 blog

We bought this glitter water paint last summer and never used them.
They are so cool.  I think they are our new favorites.
paint blog
We painted on paper and on canvases, with water paint and with tempera paint.

paint 5 blog

It was a good day :)

paint 4 blog
Just then a big truck pulled up and dropped Dmitry off expectantly because their work day had ended early.  Dmitry was now able to go to a birthday party for one of his friends, but I would have to leave right then.  Baby told me it was okay, I should take him.  He went in and got a shower and was ready to go, when he realized she'd have to give up he decided to stay home instead.

Sometimes they drive me nuts.  Like today.
But they are good kids, they were both willing to give up something that was important to them for the other.  Dmitry ended up skipping the party and Monkey Baby and I had a much needed date :)

paint 6 blog

This was her "Artsy" pose :)

paint 7 blog

It was a good day with my rainbow loving, silly, spunky, sassy and yet sweet Monkey.

Her mama loves her.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

July tidbits...

Our summer was, to be honest, a bit lame.

I'd love to say we did a lot of fun things together, but we mostly stayed home and all of us seemed distracted. I think honestly, Greg and I were just exhausted.  The summer used to be be mildly busy for me, but it was as busy as most of my fall seasons are.  I didn't even order Dmitry's curriculum until the week before school was supposed to start.

Lame or not, we still managed to have a good time.  Although if you asked my teenager he would probably disagree.  He was completely bored all summer...or so he has told me ;) 

So here are a few glimpses of our July at home. 

Just another day with Monkey Baby wearing a bowl on her head...
ss 6 blog

Please ignore the nasty status of my garage.  Focus on the cute child instead.

Monkey likes to pretend to buy gas for her car.
She hooks Buddy's leash to the treadmill and then uses it as the gas tank/hose.
Here she is getting a fill up.
ss13 blog

Of course even pretend gas can get expensive.
But that's not a problem to a Monkey with credit card.
summer stuff 2 blog

It's a Royal Princess card.
Only the best for Monkey.
summer stuff

ss blog 3

One night Greg and the kids spent a lot of time bouncing a tennis ball of the roof of the house.
It was fun for me to watch, and take pictures of, and it seemed like they had a good time too.

ss 8 blog

Buddy was still sporting his short fur and being cute.
ss 10 blog

Sometimes Baby would take his dumbbell and hid it in her car.
Once she would stop he would "steal" it and she'd call the police {daddy} who would chase down the bad guy and try to put him in prison.

ss 12 blog

July had some sadness too.
The YF kids lost four friends in a plane crash in AZ.
Several of our friends and familly were especially close to some of the ones who died.
Dmitry did not actually know any of the ones who were in the crash, but he is friends with the two younger brothers of one of the young men.

The local YF kids got together for a memorial.
Since Dmitry does not have his license yet, I took him and stayed back out of the way.
They listened to a quote and then prayed.
After the sunset they released balloons.
VGR blog

vgr 2 blog
It really touched me as a parent and a Christian to see how many lives these young people had touched in their brief time on earth.  I just hope when my time comes, I have left the same mark.

This guy worked this summer and when he wasn't working, he spent a lot of time on the four wheeler.

ss 9 blog

Daddy introduced Sophia to trail riding.

She LOVED it. 
ss 7 blog
Dmitry did it too, but he was standing next to me when I took the picture.
Greg usually sticks with Sophia to keep her going.

Buddy Budster is obsessive.
Seriously obsessive about his dumbbell.

I mean seriously obsessive.
ss 11 blog
It's really one of his few faults.  He is the best dog ever.  Super smart and sweet...but obsessive.
He also likes to eat underwear, but we don't need to talk about that right now :)

Finally, do you know what is better than picking strawberries in May?

Picking them in July.  Why didn't I know they produce all summer long?
I think I might just plant all 15 acres full of strawberries ;)
ss 5 blog

Last but not least, Monkey Baby just looking too mature.

ss 4 blog

Slow down baby girl :)