Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fifteen minutes with Monkey.

One day in March Sophia and I dropped Dmitry off to spend the day with Grandma and we went shopping for the day.  
We had a plan of doing a few test shots in Louisville with the lens I was considering buying.
But like most of my plans, that didn't work out so after shopping we went to a small town I occasionally do senior sessions in.  

I think this plan worked better :) 

At first I didn't think she was going to be up for it.  I mean we had shopped most of the day.

I even asked her once if she just wanted to try another day...but she wasn't having it.

Monkey doesn't like to "fail" at anything.
She considers quitting  an insult. 

So then she preceded to get all supermodel on me.

new albany 2 blog

We did do a few jumping shots, because they make her very happy.

new albany blog

And of course there is the Nerd glasses...

new albany 3 blog

Sometimes lens distortion can make for a really fun image :)

new albany 5 blog

This is one of my favorites.

The poor child, I wish she could just show a little personality.  ;)

new albany 4 blog

Or sass...
new albany 6 blog

new albany 7 blog

Then we moved on to the alley...

new albany 8 blog

And she got distracted by a stick...
new albany 9 blog

I just love these...

I especially love the way the wind is blowing her hair.

new albany 10 blog

new albany 11 blog

This is her "What-ev-er" face. 
new albany 12 blog

Which always cracks both of us up.

new albany 13 blog

And then we headed off into the sunshine together...

new albany 14 blog

We were in and out in fifteen minutes.  She's a pro!  ;)

Okay after a month of scratching my head, I think I have finally gotten my color issue fixed with lightroom and photoshop.  If these images look gray to you please let me know!  

Monday, April 14, 2014

His celebrations...

Dmitry had a great birthday weekend.

First of all on Thursday he was given an early birthday gift from YF and VGR and was allowed to attend Bistro.   You have to be sixteen to attend Bistro, but they allowed Dmitry to go to the Thursday before his birthday.

I was all creeper like at drop off and snapped his picture as he ran into the building in the rain.


{Bistro is basically the coolest coffee shop you'll ever see.  Brother Joseph opens up the employee coffee shop from Voice of God recordings to the YF teens 16 and up.  Of course it's cooler than any coffee shop I've ever been too and they are spoiled rotten with free coffee, drinks and snacks} 

 Then Friday was his party...that wasn't a party :) 

He really just wanted to hang out, but none of his friends can drive yet, so we came up with plan to meet at a small strip mall where they could eat, get ice cream and then hang out at a coffee shop without parents having to take them from place to place.

Greg and I were there the whole time, and I felt like a creeper more than once ;) 

party blog

party 2 blog

party 4 blog

party 3 blog

Saturday he had Quiet Time and Gym at the YF Gym and then we went to a piano recital that Sophia's BFF was playing in...Dmitry came along, because some of his friends were playing also.

I'm sure you can figure out why a 16 year old boy would willingly go to a piano recital.... that's all I'm saying ;)

So FINALLY Sunday came...

We did the traditional Dmitry's birthday decorating thing...
I don't have many pictures, but it was more than what shows here.

And of course I cried the night before his birthday...it's a tradition too. 

He's had that goofy sign on his door for almost two years now...

Dmitry put in his 16 pennies at church.
{That's Grant standing with him, their birthdays are one day apart}
birthday 4 blog

Dmitry requested his favorite lemon bread.

birthday blog

I was useless on Dmitry's birthday.  I had the worst headache.
I managed to get dinner ready and bake two of the pound cake things.
I made it though the day without complaining too much, because I was worried I would ruin his big day.  I have the worst sinuses...they have always caused me problems. 
The pictures are pretty rough because I was so sick.

His big gift was from the entire family.
Dmitry loves target shooting at camp so we bought him a gun made by the same company as the ones at camp.  I don't know much about it, except Greg says it's something he can pass down to his children, I guess it's the equivalent of buying jewelry for a girl. 

He was pretty happy.
{this is his fake tough guy look}

Most of his family came. Only Aunt Cristy's family didn't make it.

All he really cares about is the favorite cousin though.
She was there so he was happy.
birthday 2 blog

Then of course there is this girl.

She loves him SO much.

She made him the best card, on the back it said "of ALL my friends, you are my favorite!"

How sweet is that?

He thought it was pretty awesome.

birthday 3 blog

She wanted to give Dmitry a volleyball net and ball.
We usually only let the kids spend 20-30$ on each other at birthdays so I wasn't sure if I was going to let her get it for him or not.  But then we were at a store and I found a set and ball for less than 30$ so we grabbed it.  Come to find out it was actually much, much more money but they had marked it wrong so they gave it to us at the mistakenly cheap price :)

She was happy.

It was a great birthday for a great boy :)  

Sunday, April 6, 2014



How did that one sneak up on me?

Today my baby boy is sixteen.

That means he's not a baby, but no matter what he's my baby.

It freaks me out to think in a few months he can hop in the car and drive places without me.
It brings me to my knees to think in a few years he could move out.
In fact, I can't even allow myself to think of that yet.

In fact I have been telling Dmitry for years that if he moves off the property I will die.
Literally die.

It's mommy guilt at it's best.

If you were to walk up to him today and ask what will happen if he moves away, he'll tell you his mother will die and then he'll roll his eyes.

Sometimes i feign heart pains just for added effect :)

I won't get all mushy gushy like I normally do for my favorite boy.
He knows he holds my heart in his hands.

He's my favorite boy.

He makes me laugh all the time.
He loves me like no one has ever loved me before.
I can and usually do fail and yet he seems to think I am awesome all the time.

This is what he sent my friend Cheryl when she started texting me on our date night.

He loves the Lord like nothing I have ever seen before.
He is a good boy.  I've seen him turn the other cheek time and time again.
I've seen him forgive people who hurt him time and time again.
He's not perfect, no one is...but he is pretty stinking awesome.


He is a total goober.  
Always laughing and being silly with his equally dorky mother.
 My favorite part of the trip to Ohio was enjoying his silly side.
The happier he is, the sillier he gets.

He is smart, he never believes he is....but he is very very smart.

He loves music, he has a beautiful voice and he loves his grandma.
Don't mess with his grandma...or he will come after you.

He is not a pet person, but he takes care of our old dog Augie.
He babies her and makes sure she gets her medicine.
He's also developed a soft spot for Belle.
 He worries that she feels left out.

He always uses the wrong words and it cracks me up.
We still laugh about his bilingual tigers.
The funny thing is that I always mix my words up too, we really were made for each other.

A few weeks ago he was talking about some "skinheads" group that had been located in the area a few years ago.  Only he called them Redskins.  After he recounted the conversation to me I laughed and laughed thinking about this poor confused man wondering why were were so against the Redskins football team ;) 

He hates the chickens, especially Grandma chicken because she always bites him.

He is the perfect balance for Sophia.  He keeps her grounded and safe.

He wants to be a fireman.  He starts school for it next school year.

 So now my baby boy is sixteen.

Soon he'll hop in that car and drive away.  
I'm not going to lie, that will be a tough day for his mama.
But it will be a great day for my baby boy.

No matter what, his mama loves him forever.

Aren't you glad I didn't get all mushy Me-Me?

Friday, April 4, 2014

Wild and Free.

Wild and Free.
A Monkey she will always be.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

the museum. Part 3...

February 2014

{more stuff in that back pocket}
outside 5 blog

outside 3 blog

Stuff to remember:  Sophia's red cell phone.
The way she pretends to call Kitty Belles when we travel.
The way she pretends to take pictures with it.  

outside 2 blog

Proof I was there... and if you look close enough you can see where I knocked a diamond out of my wedding band.

Photo by Za-Za the great.

mommy blog

iphone pictures for the wrap up...

See anything unusual?



Such a bad, grainy, yellow picture.  But pictures of us together are rare.

On the bus to the Presidential wing.

I look a little crazed. 

Waiting with my Monkey.

He's SO his mother's son. 

That's a wrap.