Wednesday, August 20, 2014

July tidbits...

Our summer was, to be honest, a bit lame.

I'd love to say we did a lot of fun things together, but we mostly stayed home and all of us seemed distracted. I think honestly, Greg and I were just exhausted.  The summer used to be be mildly busy for me, but it was as busy as most of my fall seasons are.  I didn't even order Dmitry's curriculum until the week before school was supposed to start.

Lame or not, we still managed to have a good time.  Although if you asked my teenager he would probably disagree.  He was completely bored all summer...or so he has told me ;) 

So here are a few glimpses of our July at home. 

Just another day with Monkey Baby wearing a bowl on her head...
ss 6 blog

Please ignore the nasty status of my garage.  Focus on the cute child instead.

Monkey likes to pretend to buy gas for her car.
She hooks Buddy's leash to the treadmill and then uses it as the gas tank/hose.
Here she is getting a fill up.
ss13 blog

Of course even pretend gas can get expensive.
But that's not a problem to a Monkey with credit card.
summer stuff 2 blog

It's a Royal Princess card.
Only the best for Monkey.
summer stuff

ss blog 3

One night Greg and the kids spent a lot of time bouncing a tennis ball of the roof of the house.
It was fun for me to watch, and take pictures of, and it seemed like they had a good time too.

ss 8 blog

Buddy was still sporting his short fur and being cute.
ss 10 blog

Sometimes Baby would take his dumbbell and hid it in her car.
Once she would stop he would "steal" it and she'd call the police {daddy} who would chase down the bad guy and try to put him in prison.

ss 12 blog

July had some sadness too.
The YF kids lost four friends in a plane crash in AZ.
Several of our friends and familly were especially close to some of the ones who died.
Dmitry did not actually know any of the ones who were in the crash, but he is friends with the two younger brothers of one of the young men.

The local YF kids got together for a memorial.
Since Dmitry does not have his license yet, I took him and stayed back out of the way.
They listened to a quote and then prayed.
After the sunset they released balloons.
VGR blog

vgr 2 blog
It really touched me as a parent and a Christian to see how many lives these young people had touched in their brief time on earth.  I just hope when my time comes, I have left the same mark.

This guy worked this summer and when he wasn't working, he spent a lot of time on the four wheeler.

ss 9 blog

Daddy introduced Sophia to trail riding.

She LOVED it. 
ss 7 blog
Dmitry did it too, but he was standing next to me when I took the picture.
Greg usually sticks with Sophia to keep her going.

Buddy Budster is obsessive.
Seriously obsessive about his dumbbell.

I mean seriously obsessive.
ss 11 blog
It's really one of his few faults.  He is the best dog ever.  Super smart and sweet...but obsessive.
He also likes to eat underwear, but we don't need to talk about that right now :)

Finally, do you know what is better than picking strawberries in May?

Picking them in July.  Why didn't I know they produce all summer long?
I think I might just plant all 15 acres full of strawberries ;)
ss 5 blog

Last but not least, Monkey Baby just looking too mature.

ss 4 blog

Slow down baby girl :)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

End of Summer Dump.

I'm not doing a very good job of keeping up with everything we've been doing.

Between back to back sessions and getting the kids ready to start school I just haven't had time to even look at the pictures I've been taking.

So in a desperate attempt to catch up I'm doing a end of summer dump.

Some days you look outside to find this...

or this...
{she made a water slide for her playmobil people}

Or your husband does this...

Buddy too.


Sometimes you look out the window and find Sophia dancing with the hose.

Or open your laptop to find this...

Mom had a sliver of a contact stuck to her eyelid and it cut her eyeball.


Sophia found a pair of glasses she liked. 
She will need glasses, but isn't wearing them yet.

Silly underwater stuff.




She loves him.

This is his favorite way to ride.

Chef Monkey.

Old fashioned Soda shop.

The pirate fairy and her pixie dog.


School supply shopping date.

Ran into one of our faves, had a coffee date and then cart surfed {me and sophia} while Ash video taped it.  Fun..Yes.

Attempted a family iphone pic while on a walk.
it is weird...but I still kind of like it.

Post walk ice cream.

My boy.
Don't mess with him...or you have to deal with me.
Seriously.   Mama Bear.  

My other boy.
You can mess with him, he has his own mama bear. ;)


Picture to Monkey to make sure I got the right back pack.


That's where I'll end it for now.

Sophia has been in school for a week and Dmitry starts tomorrow.

Summer is over.
I'm *really* not cool with it. 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

4th of July ...Dump.

A mini dump from the 4th of July.

Country Club: 


Waiting on friends to arrive...

4th of July:
Sophia still not happy with Greg's mom and wanted to leave.

Back at home...

Bailey needed to dress up too :)


The kids imitating Buddy.

Ice cream run...

Where Sophia decided to let Buddy lick out her milkshake cup.

To say he liked it would be an understatement.

{pre Buddy and the milkshake}
He looks crazy.

Back home.  Still in the tiara.

I'm not sure why this pictures is so "crunchy" and pixelated.

Trying to get a shot of us...

But instead I got a Buddy kiss...on the mouth!

 He's a creeper.