Monday, July 21, 2014

How does your garden grow?

One Saturday in May, I found Monkey and her daddy planting some blueberry bushes.

These two are pretty special together, but hard to capture on camera.  I rushed outside with my camera and tried to stay far enough away that I didn't interfere with Monkey Baby and her Gorilla daddy :)

They decided to "plant" a Monkey Baby plant.

plant blog

They are two of kind.

They both jump into whatever they are doing with everything they have to give.
I think that is why they are always covered in dirt...they don't wade into something, it's full on immersion.

plant 2 blog

They really do have something special together :)

plant 3 blog

I came up close to grab one detail shot of the plant and her beautiful rock border.

plant 4 blog

Then I left them alone to enjoy their time together.

plant 5 blog

Sophia always wants to *be* me, she wants to do what I do, go where I go and just copy my every move.  She is my little shadow.  But make no mistake, she is all daddy's girl.  Their relationship amazes me.  It's so easy, comfortable and happy.  

Just so you know we have to check on our Sophia plant every time we go to the garden.
It's growing tall and even more beautiful each time we check it.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Things to remember.... The permit

Dmitry and I had a special mini date this week.

This was a picture we sent baby from our date.

{ignore me, I'm a little under the weather}


It was a special mini date because it was a trip to the license branch.

Mr. DaMystery finally got his learners permit.

Yes.  He is 16 and just getting his permit.

Indiana has rules.  Since he did not take drivers ed he had to wait till he was 16.
He did take drivers ed, but it was online and that does not count.

Anyway, he should have gotten his permit months ago, but they are crazy picky and would not take any of our documents that prove citizenship, since his pesky birth certificate states he was born in Russia.  The only thing they would take was a passport...and it had just expired.  They were also not fond of us being homeschoolers, I could vent and vent for days about how stupid the system is...but whatever.  I will say that months ago when we tried, I came home and cried.  They treated me like he was not mine, and that stunk.  I just get sick of proving and proving and proving that they are mine...but I will continue to do so as long as I live because they are worth it.

I will say that this time it was much more pleasent and the ladies loved Dmitry. 
He is so funny, he kept heckling the poor workers...and they loved it.
I wish more people could see that side of Dmitry.
He is hysterical. 

Anyway, we finally got his new passport in and headed back...

He is now a permit holder!

And then he refused to drive home!

So I stopped at his favorite ice cream place and bought him a milkshake to celebrate...

And then like any good mother, I forced him into the drivers seat.

It was crazy and hysterically funny.

Some of my favorites quotes from the day:

Dmitry:  driving on this part of the road is nerve wrecking!

Dmitry: I'm going to pull the car over if you don't stop! { I was telling him he was doing a good job}

Dmitry: Stop telling me I'm doing a good job!  You are making me nervous!  You backseat driver!

Dmitry:  I'm going 20 MPH!!  Should I slow down?  {the speed limit was 35}

It was honestly hysterical. 
You just have to know Dmitry to know how funny it was. 
I was crying with laughter by the time we pulled in the driveway.
 He's a mess.  We laughed the entire way home.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dumpy of the dumpsters

I took a lot more pictures with my iphone than I did with my camera in the month of June.
I was in full on wedding editing mode and I just didn't pick up my camera much.

First up was Fathers Day.
We started with homemade lemon blueberry rolls and handmade cards on the deck.

Later we fixed dinner and had Greg's parents and my mom over to eat.

The boys shot at targets most of the time.
Boys are just weird. 

We watched for a few minutes and then found something fun to do.

After everyone left, I broke out the big camera and we had some fun.
Hopefully, those will show up later.

The kids did a Sharpie tie dye shirt craft.
It was really cool.  They haven't finished it yet, they keep wanting to add more.

Sophia and her BFF went to Holiday World for the day.
Lyd always sends me pictures of their cuteness when I'm not with them.

Our new berry bushes have produced a {very} few berries this season.
I didn't share these :)
This is a terrible picture, but so sweet.
I looked out the window to see Dmitry giving his worn out sister a helping hand after a mad water gun attack on their dad.

These two... they constantly seem to battle to see who gets my full attention.
They also like to boss me around.

Her full outfit that day :)
She's her own little Monkey.

A fun day to Hubers farm with friends.

Sophia got in the car after we left and said "my neck hurts"...I thought she just pulled something, till the fever came.  She hit an all time high of 104.5 and that was after I pulled her from a cool bath.
I made a panicked dash to the doctor's office.  She ended up with a case of strep and an infected gland.  That gland hurt her for over a week.

This is on one of her upswing nights before we found out what was going on.  She had a fever, then it broke and then it came raging back.  This was the in between time with just a low grade fever.

Another low grade fever and cool bath visit by her Belle.

No pictures once the fever came raging back.
Mama was in full on panic was Greg, which is rare.

Baby got better and the next week I took mom to visit Joe's sisters.
She kept photo-bombing my facetime.

We also went to Michigan to visit mom's cousin who is 91.
I'll post those pictures later.

This is almost home...and tired.

Monkey Baby likes to write me notes in her note books. 

My pretty girls.

TaraBelle is almost seems like just yesterday that she was Sophia's age.
She doesn't look like her Aunt Hannah at all anymore.


Covered in gold glitter (it's caked in her hair) and her brothers old camouflage face paint.
Totally girly tomboy.

From Sunday...
I can totally see them just like this as teenagers.
Sophia, Grant and Emma...just missing Ella.

Sophia and Buddy selfie sent to me while I was running errands.
If that doesn't make you want to rush home, not much will.

That takes care of my June dump :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Blueberry Dump

We picked blueberries on opening day, in the rain.

We were leaving for Georgia the next day and I wanted to make sure we got some berries before they sold out...which meant we picked in the rain.

It was actually pretty awesome.

Not too hot, not too cold.
Not too busy.


The bushes were loaded so it didn't take too long to get enough.

I try to get pictures with the kids as often as I can.
I need to invest in that selfie remote for the iphone...since all the pictures of me and the kids are on with my phone.

Since it was raining I didn't take my big camera.
I take this shot every year and every year it makes me cry when I realize how much they have grown.
I think this post shows the first year.  Time just flies. 

I wish I could slow it down somehow.

After picking, we headed to a new coffee shop in our little town.
The kids were obviously thrilled.


Then last week I decided to pick one last time.
It was very warm and after about twenty minutes Monkey Baby was done.


So Dmitry and I finished up.

That boy never wants to shave or fix his hair.
But he's still cute :)

I swear they seem like they grew even more!

Last blueberry selfie of the year :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A day off.

It's been a hectic summer.
Most weekends we've either had things going on or had to work around the house.
One weekend we decided enough was enough and we took the day off to have some much needed fun.  We gave the kids their choice of stuff to do and they picked driving go karts.

Me and Monkey Baby before we drove off in our kart.


Monkey Baby driving off on her own :)
I later realized that is Dmitry behind her. 


Then we played putt-putt.

I always end up getting a hole in one.
I also always beat the pants of my very competitive husband :)
He thinks I need to take up golf...
This is me being a dork after another hole in one...just to torment my husband.
My brothers are big golfers and I make them proud ;)

Greg being a dork, after he finally got a hole in one. 

After that we headed downtown to grab some dinner.

Sophia loves to do this in pictures, usually Dmitry does it too.
I'm not sure why...


Don't you love her Matilda Jane and Vans combo?
We weren't sure if she'd have to wear closed toe shoes to drive the go karts.

Four ♥

And then I pulled out my real camera for this one.

pizza blog

It was a good day :)