Thursday, July 31, 2014

4th of July ...Dump.

A mini dump from the 4th of July.

Country Club: 


Waiting on friends to arrive...

4th of July:
Sophia still not happy with Greg's mom and wanted to leave.

Back at home...

Bailey needed to dress up too :)


The kids imitating Buddy.

Ice cream run...

Where Sophia decided to let Buddy lick out her milkshake cup.

To say he liked it would be an understatement.

{pre Buddy and the milkshake}
He looks crazy.

Back home.  Still in the tiara.

I'm not sure why this pictures is so "crunchy" and pixelated.

Trying to get a shot of us...

But instead I got a Buddy kiss...on the mouth!

 He's a creeper.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

4th of July part 2

On the actual 4th of July we joined Greg's family for a parade in a small city.
His cousins just bought a house here and are in the midst of renovating it.
We watched the parade with Greg's family from their front porch.

It's the longest running 4th of July celebration in America. 

4th blog

4th 2 blog

4th 3 blog

4th 4 blog

4th 5 blog

This was just a few minutes into the parade.
 When we got home we weighed her bag and it was FIVE pounds of candy.
Being cute has it's advantages. 

4th 6 blog

I did start to feel bad though, the kids next to us kept getting skipped and Sophia got candy from almost every person.  She shared some of her candy and helped them get some too. 
She just draws people to her.
It must be her super Monkey powers ;)

He has realized having a cute sister has it's advantages.

4th 7 blog

Like bags of candy that you can steal from.
That and next to a puppy, a cute baby sister is the best thing to draw cute teenage girls.
He's no dummy :)

4th 8 blog

She is seriously awesome.
4th 9 blog

She broke out the tiara after a bit. 
4th 10 blog

This is horrible of me, but it's the only one we got.  I was trying to hold up the camera and push the button so I'm making a face.  If you look in Dmitry's glasses you'll see he had to help me hold it up.
Mama has noodle arms.
4th 11 crop blog

She requested this picture because of the can :)
She loves her Buddy.
4th 12 blog

The kids and their great Grandma.
{My father-in-law's mom}
They like her.
4th 13 blog

The kids and my mom, who is two years younger than their great grandma :)

4th 14 blog

The kids and Greg's parents.

{Sophia was not happy with his mom at this moment, she is not good at hiding her feelings}
4th 21 blog

After the parade, we had a cookout and just hung around a bit before checking out the booths and heading home.

Later at home this happened....
4th 15 blog

Before dark,  the kids goofed off a bit.
4th 16 blog

4th 17 blog

Then Dmitry introduced Sophia to the fine art of bottle rockets.

4th 18 blog

4th 19 blog

Which if you can't tell, she loved :)
4th 20 blog

I put the camera down after dark and just enjoyed fireworks with our family.

It was a good day :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

4th of July ...part one

Every summer we go to the country club for the fireworks display.
Usually it falls on July 3rd so it works out great that all our friends can make it before doing the family thing on the 4th of July.

I make the kids give me a few pictures before everyone shows up.

Please notice how crooked I am.  I seem to be leaning ;)

golf club blog'

I love how she looks at him, you can just see how much she adores him.
Unless you are him, then you just see that she torments all the time.
But I can see it :)

golf club 2 blog

This is SO them.
My goofball and his sarcastic sidekick.

Watch her expressions change.

golf club 3 blog

golf club 4 blog

golf club 5 blog

This is how he retaliates. 
golf club 6 blog

golf club 9blog

Which she obviously hates.

If I didn't know better, I'd think they actually enjoy each other sometimes.
But I'm sure that is not the case ;)

golf club 7 blog'

Sneaking pics of my mini-man.
I feel like I am living in a warp speed time zone with him.
I can't seem to make it slow down either.

golf club 8 blog

The kids were saved from my camera when all their friends started showing up.

Sophia teaching Ella how to do her favorite pose.
{I'm not sure why she does this...but it's all the time.}

golf club 10 blog

Seriously.  Look at those faces.
Ella has been at the fireworks with us every year since she was born. 
It started out just our family and Ella's family...and now we have a rather large group.
It's always Sophia, Ella and Grant.  The rest come and go...
ella sophia blog

Emma was still in Canada so she couldn't make it. But Sophia's friend Hannah joined us this year.
Such fun kids.
golf club 11blog

No matter who comes, at some point it always ends up these three.

They came together, took a snack break and then Grant went back to play with the boys and the girls went to play with the girls.  It's weird to see them all split up, but cool that they still make time for each other.

golf club 13 blog

By the way they are eating dessert kabobs made with doughnuts and strawberries and drizzled chocolate.
They are evil.  You can't stop eating them.  It sounds weird, but tastes really good.
golf club 12 blog

Then I set the camera down and enjoyed the rest of the night.

I never did get any pics of the teens.  I know my limits.

This is always my favorite night of the summer :)