Tuesday, September 16, 2014

This is not her birthday post :)

This girl turned 8 last week.

buddies blog
But this isn't her birthday post.
Mama hasn't had time to put it together...these are just pictures that I had already loaded into Flickr.
So I'm taking advantage of some alone time at a coffee shop while Sophia is at school.
Actually, I'm sitting in my car outside the coffee shop because I don't feel like being social.

I tried editing using some presets in lightroom on these images.
 It made things go fast...but I don't really like the outcome.


These are from last month but I think they capture the birthday girl and her Buddy
 {who has been with us one full year as of Sophia's birthday!}
They are pretty awesome together :)
buddies 2 blog

Sophia at 8:
Loves vanilla ice cream.
Hates beans.
Loves to sing and make up her own music.
Hates practicing  the piano.

buddies 3 blog

Buddy home a year:
Loves to drink out of the toilet.
Hates to drink out of his water bowl.
Loves eating underwear and socks.
Hates throwing up the underwear and socks when he can't digest them.

buddies blog 4

Sophia at 8:
Loves to play with her princess dolls.
Hates cleaning her room.
Loves whipped cream.
Hates the one time my mom made her eat turnip greens.

buddies blog 5

Buddy home a year:
Loves to eat Sophia's princess dolls.
Hates when Sophia locks him in the garage for eating her dolls.
Loves Greg.
Hates sharing Greg.

buddies 6 blog

Sophia at 8:
Loves to read.
Hates to clean her room {see a pattern?}
Loves the Ipad.
Hates getting grounded for sneaking off with the iPad till it is dead.
buddies 7 blog

Buddy home a year:
Loves to play fetch
Hates to let you have the ball so you can play fetch.
Loves to steal my blanket and run off with it.
Hates that I won't let him have my blanket.

buddies 8 blog

Sophia at 8:
Loves soccer.
Hates getting whisker burn when she loses a bet.
Loves dirt.
Hates wearing shoes :)

buddies 9 blog

Buddy home a year:
Loves biting my toes every night when I get in bed.
Hates when I come to bed too late and he can only bite me a few times before he goes to bed.
Loves to steal things out of Dmitry's room.
Hates that Dmitry and Sophia lock him in the garage for stealing things.

buddies 10 blog

Sophia at 8:

Loves to read and loves science.
Hates math...or so she says ;)
Loves baking and cooking with mommy.
Hates when mommy won't let her lick the spoon.
{and cleaning her room}
buddies 11 blog
Buddy home a year:
Loves playing tug of war.
Hates when even one of us isn't at home.

buddies 12 blog
Sophia at 8:
Loves to play with mommy.
Hates when mommy has to work or clean.
Loves her Daddy.
Hates when Buddy tries to steal his attention.
buddies 13 blog
Buddy home a year:
Loves to sit under my desk while I work.
Hates when I forget he is there and pinch his hair with my chair :(
Sorry Buddy!
buddies 14 blog

She's panting like Buddy :)
I guess this is her "dog face"
buddies 15 blog
Sophia at 8:
Loves her Buddy and her Buddy loves her :)
Hates when they are apart.

Happy Birthday my sweet, wild, and free Monkey.
Your mama loves you ♥

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


It's that season.
Running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.
It's that time of year...but today I'm just thankful.

No sickness.
Happy Marriage.
Gorgeous Kids.
The Lord really has been good to me.

These are just some shots of my girl as I was getting dinner ready.
They are straight out of the camera.
 I just resized them, because I don't have time to do more than that right now.
But I'm happy with them.  I'm a big believer in getting it right in camera.

It's the little things with this one.
I bought these little milk glasses and it made her week.
dinner blog

dinner 2 blog

And of course she is always stealing her dad's phone.
I got smart and deleted all games from mine so she leaves mine alone :)
dinner 4 blog

We thought about giving her a phone or ipod for her birthday.
But she is a little obsessed and I don't want to feed that.
So unless Daddy says differently, we will be avoiding one for as long as possible.
dinner 3 blog

dinner 5 blog

Nothing special, just dinner in a messy kitchen on a week night.
Pretty typical.
Extremely special 
dinner 6 blog

I guess it's the little things with me too :)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

First day of school 2014 {Dmitry}

Dmitry started school August 18th
{a few days after Sophia so that I could start his year with him, I'm in town all day on the days she has school}

This is a totally fake smile, I just posted it because of the shoes.
He threw on a pair of junk work shoes of his dad's from like 10 years ago.
...he really could care less about clothes.
It just cracks me up and is SO Dmitry.

dmitry school 3 blog

Sophia saw this picture and said "that is the REAL Dmitry"
Needless to say I get this face a lot.
He is not a fan of the camera in his face.

dmitry school 4 blog

Another typical shot.
He was making fun of me by showing he is in the 11th grade.
Dork.  I'm not sure why I love him so much.

dmitry school 2 blog

Yesterday we had this conversation:
Dmitry: poor kitty, she got fat when she got fixed...Is that what happened to you and dad?
He heckles me all the time.  Such a stinker.

I can't believe he's a Junior in high school.  I only have two years left with him.
How did that happen?
He's a good boy. He really is.
He makes me laugh the most.  We have a weird sense of humor he and I.

dmitry school 5 blog

We call this the how you doin' face...It's been working overtime lately.

dmitry school blog
PS: Can you see the huge slice on his chin? 

He just got back from a trip to Georgia, with no parents.
8 hours away and all you get is one word answers to the texts you send.
Thank goodness he has a lot of friends that are girls, they stop for more pictures than boys do.
The girls moms would text me pictures when they could grab him.
He enjoyed the freedom of rolling into a hotel room at 1 AM by himself....but he says he did miss me.
{he shared a hotel room with his 22 year old cousin and the girls moms kept an eye on him for me}
I told him it was okay to lie to his mother in this instance ;)

When he finally got home he hugged me and we had this conversation:
Me: oh, I see now that you are away from the pretty girls you can admit you missed me.
Dmitry: No, I miss the pretty girls! and then he burst out laughing.

Such a stinker.

A very cute stinker.

So here is my upperclassman.
My junior.

dmitry school 6 blog

I hope he has a great year!
 I know I am going to soak up these last two years as much as possible. 

First Day of School 2014 {Sophia}

Sophia started school August 12th.

2nd Grade! 
sophia school 2 blog

Check out that heavy backpack!
It weighs almost as much as she does...seriously.

sophia school 1 blog
No, I didn't actually make her load up a fake backpack and "catch the bus" like I did for Kindergarten.

Sophia was really off to school.

We are trying something *new* with Sophia this year.

She is going to a cottage school two days a week.
Then we do the assigned school work at home the other three days.
I've been looking for a cottage school for Sophia for a few years now, but none of them ever work.
Either they are a hour away, or they cost $1,000 per class {not counting your curriculum} AND they are an hour away.  I did find a few smaller ones but they made you sign a faith statement and I couldn't do it...because I didn't agree with it.  Anyway.  I had kind of given up.  I knew she needed more than what I was offering and school was getting to be more and more of a challenge with her.
She also is less outgoing than her extremely social brother.  She is a bit shy, which is strange because she is a wild monkey in public and can stand up and sing or speak in front of a group and not back down, but really she is a bit shy.  She is very brave and will put herself out there to make friends.  Often she'll make the first move in starting a new friendship...but only if she is consistently put around kids.  The less she interacts with kids, the less she tries when she is around them.  To be honest another factor was that I really wanted my daughter to be inconvenienced.  She needed to know what it's like to drag yourself out of bed, get to school on time and have a schedule that isn't exactly the most convenient.   That is called life.

I started praying, not knowing what to do...and of course the Lord made a way.
A sweet lady I knew was referred to me but when I called her, she was only teaching Kindergarten and 1st grades.  However, she did say she'd pray about and get back with me.  Pretty much at that point I just knew this was it...and it was.  She added second grade to her school and before I knew it the small class was filled up with kids, most of which Sophia already knew and even her bff left her private school to come to school with Sophia.  It's been less than a month but it's been awesome.

sophia school 3 blog

They have school two days a week and the teacher sends home the assignments for the other three days.  Sophia is fighting me less to do her school work because she LOVES her teacher and doesn't want to disappoint her.  She has shown a bit of boredom in the work because it is 2nd grade work Sophia is past that in most subjects.  Her teacher and I had already talked before school started about it.  I knew I'd be supplementing her work at home, but I was okay with that because as crazy as it sounds I wasn't really sending her to school for an education...at least not the kind you get in a book.  Even so, Sophia's teacher was surprised by how advanced she is, she's reading at 5th grade level and her math ahead too. Her teacher is coming up with a plan that will allow Sophia to do the same work as the class on school days and more advanced stuff on home days.  It will work just fine.

Anyway, back to the *important* stuff :)

Sophia's big excitement was that she got to take her lunch...which of course mean a lunch box.
This is the one she picked.

sophia school 4 blog

And of course there is the new school shoes picture.

sophia school 5 blog

So Monkey Baby started the 2nd grade..
She asked for a first day of school outfit, which we shopped for while in Indy.
But all she found that she liked was this neon tee shirt.
She insisted on that rainbow backpack and she says the lunch box is rainbow too.
She's all about rainbows, neon and gold...so this is very Monkey Baby like.

sophia school 6 blog

I have a ton of pictures from the school but I'd rather not post all her friends on here right now.

Have a great year Monkey Baby!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

State Fair

The next day we headed to the state fair.
Since we leave closer to Louisville than Indy, we had never been to the Indiana State Fair.
Seriously, I fell in love with the Indiana State Fair.
It's like a small town festival, which I love. 

state fair blog

Goofy family selfie.
The sun was crazy bright...so everyone is trying to force a smile :)

This one just cracks me up.  I hit the button on accident as we were starting to walk away. 

A boy can dream...


Of course there was food...
A lot of food.
state fair4 blog
Dmitry had a foot long corn dog.  I'll spare you those pictures ;)

More family selfies.

Monkey Baby wanted to milk a plastic cow...

So her mama showed how...

Then we moved on to the real thing.

There were several things going on here.
First of all, Monkey Baby fell in LOVE with cows and now sings about them at least once a day.
She says we need at least two cows, one for her and one for me.
Secondly,  Dmitry was NOT happy.  NOT happy.
Cows barns aren't exactly poop free so he was literally pouring hand sanitizer on himself from head to toe.  He could not get out of there fast enough.
Lastly,  I was brought to tears of joy.  Seriously.  The smell of cows and straw literally took me back to being a kid on a farm again.  I was so happy and at home I was fighting back tears.  In fact I have a picture almost exactly like the one below of Sophia.  About the same age, squatted down next to a calf only not at a fair, but in my own backyard.  Sophia isn't the only one who wants a cow.

state fair 2 blog

This little guy wasn't so sure about her...

But she has a way with animals...

 And soon he was literally eating her up...or at least her skirt :) Untitled

She thought it was cute.
She did not feel the same when a goat tried to eat her hair later in the day.

We could have stayed here all day.


Dmitry was beyond happy to leave the cow and animal area.

Family selfie.


Dmitry doesn't care for them either.

state fair 3 blog


I love this shot.
If I had more time I'd get rid of the red color cast on Greg and Dmitry...
But I don't ...So I won't :)
state fair 7 blog

Fake smile.

state fair 5 blog

Real life.
Someone was hungry again.

state fair 6 blog

And with that we packed it in for the day.
We finished up a few more days of summer break and then it was off to school.